Our culture

We are part of the Compensa Vienna Insurance Group team in Latvia and we are proud of it! Every day, along with over 25,000 of our colleagues in 25 countries around the world, we develop the largest insurance group in Central and Eastern Europe. Every day, across borders and cultures, we share experiences, knowledge and ideas. Understanding of the different markets and the individual experience of each employee allow us to take care of our customers and provide them with quality services. Collaboration, teamwork, and striving to be the best are an integral part of our daily lives.

Career opportunities

Motivated employees who love their daily work are the best engine for any company. These are the people who work for Compensa Vienna Insurance Group. Our daily practice is to continually learn from our extensive professional experience in insurance, not only locally but also internationally.
“We encourage our employees to climb the career ladder and enable them to take on more and more responsibilities in our company. We are open to trainees and often bring in the junior experts directly from among the strongest trainees, ” explains Dagnija Skulte, Head of Personnel at Compensa Vienna Insurance Group.

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