Cargo insurance

Who needs

During transportation, storage, and handling of cargo, conditions may occur that may result in loss, damage, or loss of cargo. This can happen, for example, as a result of a fire, a natural disaster, theft or a traffic accident. By concluding a cargo insurance contract, the cargo owner can avoid this type of loss. Who needs cargo insurance?
• For occasional or regular freight services
• Freight transport by air, sea, rail or road
• For international cargo transportation
• In the case of transport by a third party

What are the benefits?

All risk insurance
Protect your company’s cargo transportation with a comprehensive insurance coverage - Compensa all risk insurance which will cover any losses due to risks that may arise during freight transportation, storage or handling.
Individual approach
We insure one-off shipments as well as develop special offers for an annual cargo insurance program that will fit the specifics of each cargo type.
Compensa cargo insurance policy is international and is valid worldwide.
24/7 indemnity service
If an accident has occurred, you may report the claim 24/7 by calling +371 67559999.

What are the benefits?

Learn more about Compensa cargo insurance

If you are interested in Compensa services, consult our specialists and we will help you find the insurance solution you need.

Import / export cargo shipment insurance

You can insure import/export shipments by land, sea or air, as well as domestic cargo shipments, including temporary storage of the goods during transportation. We insure one-off shipments as well as develop special offers for the entire cargo turnover or the annual cargo insurance program.


Compensa cargo insurance is based on internationally recognized regulations and are widely used in cargo insurance - the Insurers Cargo Clauses or ICC of the London Institute of Insurers.


Depending on your needs, the cargo delivery conditions etc., you may select the insurance coverage according to the provisions of the Institute Cargo Clauses:

  • all risk insurance (ICC A or similar Institute Cargo Clauses).
  • named perils insurance (ICC C or similar Institute Cargo Clauses).