Compensa Vienna Insurance Group

We are part of the Vienna Insurance Group

Vienna Insurance Group is one of the oldest European insurance groups, representing 50 companies actively working in 25 countries and employing over 25,000 people. The company was established in Austria, in the capital of art and culture - Vienna.

“We develop insurance solutions that are tailored to the needs and lifestyle of our customers. Our strategy is focused on long-term profitability and consistent revenue growth, enabling us to become a reliable partner in these rapidly changing times.”

Compensa is the fastest growing insurance company offering a wide range of insurance solutions - MTLP, CASCO, property, travel, as well as accident and civil liability insurance. By offering thoughtful, honest insurance solutions that are based on Austrian traditions, Compensa sets new standards in the Latvian market in terms of customer service and indemnity payments.

Focusing on Central and Eastern Europe

Vienna Insurance Group focuses on markets not only in Austria but also in Central and Eastern Europe. More than half of the premiums underwritten by the Group is generated directly in the Central and Eastern European countries. The activity of the Vienna Insurance Group in this regions, firstly, reflects the forecasts of economic growth - the economic growth here is forecasted to be twice as fast than in the Western Europe. In addition, the Central and Eastern European markets are less well insured as the EU average.

High financial and credit rating

The well-established rating agency “Standard & Poors” has granted the Vienna Insurance Group an A+ rating with a stable outlook. This means that VIG is one of the highest-ranking companies in the Vienna Stock Exchange ATX index. Vienna Insurance Group is listed on the Vienna and Prague Stock Exchanges. The majority of VIG shares, 70%, are held by the Wiener Städtische Versicherungsverein, the remaining shares are free.

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