Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

A cookie is a short string of text (information) sent from the web server and stored on the user’s computer or other devices in the browser file directory.

This helps the site to remember your settings for browsing the website, so that you don’t need to re-enter them every time, and to make it easier to browse the site (for example, language settings). Cookies (after saving the IP address) do not identify the user as an individual and only recognizes the user as a previous visitor of the site. Cookies also help us collect statistics about our site visitors and optimize our marketing communications.

We collect this information using an automated Google Analytics tool that enables us to capture and analyze how visitors use this website (provided by Google Inc., a US company).

Here you will find more information about how Google Analytics works and what information this tool allows us to collect and analyze: 

You can disable Google Analytics at any time as described here: 


We use three types of cookies:

1. Session cookies are temporary and disappear after you close the website or browser. Session cookies can be used to activate certain website features and capabilities. 

2. Persistent cookies do not disappear at the end of a session and remain in the memory of your computer or other devices. They can be used, for example, to identify you as a unique visitor to the site by storing a randomly generated number, customizing the content of the site to your needs, updating previously selected information and settings, or gathering statistics. 

3. Third-party cookies are used for advertising purposes, such as Google AdWords. They are used to customize ad content, evaluate its effectiveness, and optimize marketing communications.


After changing your browser settings, you can delete your saved cookies at any time and prevent them from being saved to your computer or other device. Learn how by clicking the link:


You may disable the Google Analytics Data Collection at any time as described here: :

Please, note that if you disable the website to use cookies, some of its features may be partially or completely unavailable.

The server hosting this website may also ask you questions you provide to the server (address of the website you are using, device and browser you are using, your IP address and connection time). This data is used solely for technical purposes - to ensure that the operation of the website is accurate and secure and to investigate possible security breaches.

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