Corporate property insurance

What are the benefits?

Solutions appropriate to the type of business
We adapt the terms and conditions to the customer's business. You may choose all risk insurance, covering all sudden and unexpected accidents or named perils insurance with the possibility to select specific risks - fire, theft and vandalism, water accidents etc.
Meets banking requirements
Compensa insurance solutions are tailored to meet the requirements of banks, in addition, extended coverage is possible if the customer has the desire or needs to take care of additional insurance coverage.
Fast claim review process
In the event of an accident at the insured property, we will accurately calculate and quickly determine the damage to the property.
24/7 indemnity service
If an accident has occurred at the insured property, you may report the claim 24/7 by calling 8888.

What are the benefits?

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Insurance of buildings, structures and premises
Building, structures and premises, interior and exterior finish, glazing of buildings and premises, including shop windows and stained glass windows, exterior elements, for example, surveillance cameras and advertising signs that are fixed to the building structures, and landscaping elements, for example, fencing, gate and pavement.
Plant and equipment insurance

Office equipment, machinery and furniture, manufacturing equipment, machinery, systems and electronic equipment, workbenches, tools, shop and warehouse equipment etc.

Low-value inventory insurance

Movable property that is used in the business of the insured person and is intended for short-term use or if its value does not reach the corresponding book value of a fixed asset, for example, equipment components, dishes, cleaning equipment etc.

Stock and goods insurance

The property of the insured person, which has been acquired with the purpose to sell in the course of the business, for example, raw materials, semi-finished goods, finished products etc.;

Cash insurance

Cash savings in the form of printed banknotes or coins in circulation in the Republic of Latvia and/or foreign country.

Employee property: movable property in the legal ownership, use, possession or holding of the employees, located in the address specified in the policy or the territory of the Republic of Latvia - on location where work is carried out in accordance with the instructions of the Insured.

Business interruption insurance

There may be situations which may cause losses to the property owned by the company, resulting in an interruption or restriction of business. The consequence may include loss of profit or rental income, while the fixed and recurring costs continue to accumulate. In case of interruption of commercial activity, Compensa will compensate the lost income and the fixed costs.