Golden MTPL

What is the purpose of
Golden MTPL?

Golden MTPL is a type of insurance that includes not only MTPL, but also indemnifies the insured vehicle in cases when it is responsible for a road traffic accident or has suffered a collision with an animal. Golden MTPL can be purchased for passenger cars only.

What are the benefits?

Two types of insurance in one policy
Golden MTPL combines compulsory insurance (MTPL) and voluntary third-party motor liability insurance (MOD) risks under one policy.
Significantly lower premium than for MOD insurance since it is possible to choose only the most significant risks from the MOD product.
Possibility to insure an older vehicle
Golden MTPL can be purchased not only for new vehicles, but also for older ones which usually do not fall under the MOD coverage.
Indemnity from your insurer
Golden MTPL clients can claim insurance indemnity from their insurer (Compensa) also in cases when they are the injured party in a road traffic accident.

What are the benefits?

More about Golden MTPL

Insurance is not a luxury but a necessity. An ordinary MTPL policy is a mandatory requirement for everyone who participates in road traffic, but it does not protect drivers in situations when they are partially or completely at fault for causing a road traffic accident or when there is a collision with a wild animal.

To protect themselves from unforeseen expenses, a large number of drivers also choose another type of insurance in addition to MTPL. Compensa Golden MTPL is a great compromise allowing to save money, as these insurance costs are lower than in case of buying both MTPL and MOT; nevertheless, Golden MTPL protects drivers in a number of crucial situations.

How does the Golden MTPL policy calculate compensation to be paid to a person at fault (or partially at fault) for causing a road traffic accident?

The Golden MTPL policy stipulates that compensation shall also be paid to the insured person who is at fault for causing the road traffic accident in order to compensate for the damage suffered by the vehicle. This compensation is paid in accordance with the Golden MTPL compensation table showing the insured details and compensation (in euro) that can be received for each damaged element.

If the driver is partly at fault for causing the road traffic accident, then the compensation is paid according to the degree of fault.

If the driver is not at fault for the road traffic accident, the Golden MTPL operates as a regular MTPL allowing to receive compensation for damages either in the form of paid repairs or in cash in accordance with the provisions of the MTPL Law.

Frequently asked questions

What vehicles fall under the coverage of the Golden MTPL?

Golden MTPL is available to passenger cars only.

What is the difference between Golden MTPL and regular MTPL policy?

Golden MTPL guarantees indemnification even if the policyholder is at fault for a collision with another car or there has been a collision with an animal.

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If there has been a collision with an animal or another car (and the policyholder is at fault), the compensation shall be paid according to the principle of the damage compensation table.

Does the policy include 24/7 assistance?

24/7 assistance is available for a fee. Please ask your Compensa seller or your insurance specialist about this option.

Does the Golden MTPL policy have deductibles?

No, the Golden MTPL policy does not have any deductibles.

What to do when there is an insurance case?

Call the police or fill in the Agreed Statement of Facts.
Take pictures of the damaged places.
Fill in the application.
Get compensation.

How the compensation is calculated?

If you are a victim, the losses are calculated according to the MTPL methodology.

If you are at fault or there has been a collision with an animal, compensation will be paid in accordance with the damage compensation table.

How long do I have to report a case?

The insurance event must be reported within 3 business days after the accident.

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