Accident insurance

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After the insured event you must notify Compensa as soon as possible but not later than in 30 (thirty) days.

What documents must be submitted to receive the insurance indemnity?

  1. Accident insurance claim application.
  2. Statement issued by a doctor-specialist and containing the final diagnosis (in case of bone fracture).
  3. Medical certificate or hospital statement (epicrisis).
  4. Proof of payment for medical services received and medicines prescribed (checks, receipt or payment order).
  5. Sick-leave certificate (if there is included such risk as the per diem).
  6. Traffic police opinion (in case of a traffic accident).
  7. State or municipal police opinion (in case of a criminal attack).

How to submit additional documents in an already registered case?

  • The aforesaid documents may be scanned and sent to us to the following e-mail address:, please write the case number in the subject. 
  • If you want to submit the documents in person you may do it at any of our customer service centres.

Customer support and purchase of insurance policy
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