MOD insurance

Who needs

MOD insurance is required for all vehicle users who want to avoid unexpected loss due to vehicle damage, robbery or theft. If you have Compensa MOD, you don’t need to worry about unexpected troubles as we offer different insurance options tailored to your needs.

What are the benefits?

All risk insurance
We indemnify for damage caused by a vehicle accident, theft or damage caused in a parking lot, collision with wild animals and in many other cases. With all risk insurance you will protected from all of this and more!
Individual solutions
Taking into consideration your individual needs, we can increase the insurance coverage, choose the territory in which the policy is applicable, select excess and other parameters.
Payment in installments
We offer our customers to pay the MOD fee in several installments, for example, in 4 or 12 installments.
24/7 customer support
Call us at +371 67559999 at any time to receive information in case of a claim.

What are the benefits?

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Significantly wider insurance coverage - Compensa all risks insurance

Compensa CASCO is an All Risk CASCO insurance, covering a wide range of risks, including:


  • Losses caused by damages resulting from a vehicle collision,
  • Losses caused to the vehicle by other persons,
  • Glass damage,
  • Tire and wheel damage,
  • Damage caused by falling objects and natural disasters,
  • Fire damage (including as a result of a short circuit),
  • Damage caused by animals,
  • Damage caused by flooded roads,
  • Losses caused by driving off public roads,
  • Vehicle theft or robbery,
  • Damage to the vehicle body, alloy wheels, tires, lights, windshield and mirrors during the repair, servicing, washing and/or cleaning of the vehicle at a specialized service provider,

  • Insurance is valid also on a ship or ferry, as well as during the transportation of the vehicle by another vehicle carried out by a company authorized to carry out transportation or vehicle haulage services in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations,

  • Damage or theft of the vehicle tires, in case it is not possible to obtain a tire that identical to the damaged or stolen tire, we will compensate the losses so as to ensure that two tires with the same tread pattern are mounted on a single axle of the vehicle.

In addition, you can choose specific risks, you wish to insure, for example, provision of a replacement vehicle, zero excess for glazing, protection against losses resulting from hydraulic shock and other risks.

More protection with Compensa additional risk coverage

Collision with a vehicle or animal without excess

Our customers may use a special advantage offered only by Compensa - even if an excess is provided for in the policy, you will be exempt from paying excess in case of a vehicle collision with another vehicle (even if you are responsible for the collision) or an animal.

Glazing insurance without excess
We will indemnify any losses resulting from the damage to the windshield, side or rear windows of the vehicle caused by a third party, temperature changes or objects (for example, stones) lifted from the road surface, without paying excess, even if the policy provides excess payments.
Replacement vehicle

In the event of damage or theft of the vehicle, we will make sure that you are provided with or compensated for a vehicle of an equivalent class from day one.

24-hour technical assistance

We will save your time in the search of a roadside technical assistance - we will take care of that by involving technical specialists who work quickly and skillfully:

  • Determination of vehicle defects,
  • Starting the engine with start wires,
  • Replacing the wheel with a vehicle’s spare wheel,
  • Delivery of fuel in case of sudden shortage,
  • Troubleshooting anti-theft equipment,
  • Opening of locked doors,
  • Automatic gearbox unlocking and other minor repairs,
  • Evacuation of the vehicle from the scene of the accident,
  • Transportation of the vehicle passengers from the scene of the accident.
Personal property insurance

We will cover the losses associated with the theft of a laptop and/or tablet from the interior or luggage compartment of the vehicle, as well as the losses caused by theft of non-integrated navigation equipment, children’s car seats, baby carriers, active leisure equipment and/or the damage thereof in a road traffic accident.

Special repair conditions

If you select this risk, the vehicle repairs after an insured event will be carried out with new spare parts by such repair service providers in the Republic of Latvia who are entitled to perform repairs during the vehicle warranty period, including by your dealership.

Other additional risks
  • Driver and passenger accident insurance,
  • Zero excess for replacing registration documents and number plates,
  • New value insurance,
  • Hydraulic shock,
  • Key recovery in case of theft,
  • Risk of inadequate refueling.