Personal accident insurance


What are the benefits?

The widest range of risks in Latvia
Compensa accident insurance includes all most popular risks, as well as 6 new risks in the Latvian insurance market - internet expenses, specialized transportation costs, arrival of a loved one etc.
Versatile solutions
Customized solutions - insurance programs from children, adults and athletes.
Tick-borne disease insurance
Insurance covers tick-borne diseases and is valid also if you are not vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis.
Event cancellation
Covers the losses associated with the cancellation of a wedding or birthday celebration due to the injury of the insured person.
Wider range of treatment costs
The insurance covers extensive rehabilitation options, including non-traditional treatment methods and taxi services.
Extensive coverage of critical illnesses
The insurance covers diagnoses of 22 critical illnesses, for example, heart attack, stroke, cancer, AIDS.
Legal services
The policy covers expenses associated with the regulation of inheritance rights in case of the death of the insured person.
Civil liability of a child
For the peace of mind of the parents, the insurance also covers the civil liability of the child, which will indemnify against any accidental damage caused by the child to other persons.

What are the benefits?


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