What are the benefits?

The widest range of risks in Latvia
Compensa accident insurance includes all most popular risks, as well as 6 new risks in the Latvian insurance market - internet expenses, specialized transportation costs, arrival of a loved one etc.
Versatile solutions
Customized solutions - insurance programs from children, adults and athletes.
Tick-borne disease insurance
Insurance covers tick-borne diseases and is valid also if you are not vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis.
Event cancellation
Covers the losses associated with the cancellation of a wedding or birthday celebration due to the injury of the insured person.
Wider range of treatment costs
The insurance covers extensive rehabilitation options, including non-traditional treatment methods and taxi services.
Extensive coverage of critical illnesses
The insurance covers diagnoses of 22 critical illnesses, for example, heart attack, stroke, cancer, AIDS.
Legal services
The policy covers expenses associated with the regulation of inheritance rights in case of the death of the insured person.
Civil liability of a child
For the peace of mind of the parents, the insurance also covers the civil liability of the child, which will indemnify against any accidental damage caused by the child to other persons.

What are the benefits?

More about children insurance

What is children insurance?

Children insurance is a service offered by Compensa for parents' peace of mind. This insurance guarantees that in a situation, when an accident happens, the expenses will be fully or partially reimbursed by the insurer, thus allowing parents to pay more attention to the child's wellbeing.

All parents wish their children to always be healthy and cheerful. But, if a necessity for medical assistance arises, all parents want their children to receive as good and qualitative healthcare services as possible.

In Latvia, children up to 18 years of age have free healthcare; however, to receive the necessary services, frequently queues to see a specialist last several months. It is not a good solution in acute situations.

To provide a possibility for children to receive the best available healthcare services immediately, and to ensure peace of mind of parents that they will have enough funds to pay for these services, Compensa offers insurance of children accidents – children insurance is a type of policy intended for insurance of various risks and receiving insurance indemnity for covering medical treatment expenses.

Why Compensa children insurance is a good choice?

Compensa children insurance gives many advantages, which make planning of finances easier for parents and protects in unexpected situations. Here are some of the most significant advantages:

  • Children are unpredictable – they naturally have no fear of various situations or circumstances; therefore, they assess various risks much more recklessly while climbing trees, swimming, riding a bike etc. Also, children can cause harm to property of another person as a result of their recklessness. Insurance programmes “Extra”, “Extra +”, “Extra ++” also offer civil liability insurance, so any loss caused to property of third party due to any reasons will be covered by the insurer and parents will not have to worry about these matters.
  • Covering of medical treatment expenses – Compensa children insurance programmes “Extra”, “Extra +”, “Extra ++” also provide coverage of such expenses that have occurred as a result of medical treatment of children after suffering an injury or accident.
  • Insurance for sportive children – children who are engaged in any sports are much more exposed to risks of various injuries. For parents to have peace of mind, there is an option to insure the child when applying for sports circles. According to the selected type of sports an additional payment to the annual insurance premium is calculated. It is especially important to insure children who participate in sports competitions, because there is a higher risk to get injured under the conditions of increased tension.
  • Various insurance programmes are available – parents can choose the one they prefer. The programmes differ in terms of the included types of risks and the amount of annual insurance premium.
  • School bag insurance – Compensa knows that the most valuable thing that is always with a pupil is a school bag; therefore, children insurance covers also this valuable property. If an accident has occurred, during which not only the child, but also his or her school bag with all of its contents has suffered, the insurer will disburse an indemnity for the bag and its contents – textbooks, stationery, notebooks – up to the insured limits. Also sports footwear and sportswear are covered by the school bag insurance.
  • A possibility to insure a baby already from the first days of his or her life – the child can be insured as soon as the birth certificate is received. This insurance will help parents to gain at least some more peace of mind during the most turbulent period of child's life.
  • Modern application for indemnity – for the convenience of customers, Compensa offers various methods for applying for insurance indemnity – the application can be simply submitted online on Compensa website, sent via e-mail or mail, or fill in at the customer service centre.
  • The insurance is valid worldwide and 24/7. Also all school holidays, weekends and national holidays are covered. The only exception – the risk “Treatment expenses” is effective only in Latvia.
  • The children insurance is a service, which is available for all children up to 18 years of age – babies, pupils and young people.
For what purpose the children insurance policy was created?

Primarily – for peace of mind of parents. Unfortunately, Latvia still holds the first position in the European Union in terms of the number of cases of children injuries.

The children insurance is one of the types of insurance of individuals, which helps to secure against various risks children face on a daily basis. Data of medical institutions clearly show that the rate of children injuries is still quite high, so such additional insurance allow parents to secure themselves against additional expenses that may arise in relation to treatment of the child.

Compensa children insurance policy is created, thinking about:

  • Mobile and active children, who are happy to work and enjoy life with all their senses
  • Parents of children, who have to cover treatment expenses of their children
  • Children, who love sports and various types of sports
  • Children, whose school bags are the biggest treasure and most valuable property
  • Children, who have just arrived in this world and wants to explore using all senses
  • Parents, who appreciate convenience and willingly use the option to apply for indemnity online
  • Parents, for whom fast and operative examination of applications is important
  • Parents, who appreciate the opportunity to choose various covers and risks depending on the circumstances and needs.
  • Parents, who understand that a few euros per month for peace of mind and safe activities is a small price to pay.
E-class Safe Pupil's Policy

E-class is a significant component of the education system, which is used by 25,000 teachers and 150,000 families in Latvia. E-class in cooperation with Compensa insurance company has developed a unique Safe Pupil's Policy. Wide range of insurance positions and pleasingly high insurance amounts at a low price.

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