What are the benefits?

Versatile policy
We also insure auxiliary buildings and landscaping structures, for example, fencing, gates, outdoor lighting, pool etc. The policy may be supplemented with electronic damage, bicycle and recreational equipment insurance etc.
Competitive pricing
Select the long-term policy of up to 3 years to significantly reduce the insurance payments and save money, as well as gain peace of mind - your property will be insured for several years without interruption.
Civil liability is included
The insurance includes owner or tenant liability insurance with the limit of EUR 1,000 which will be useful in case of a minor damage caused to third parties.
24/7 support or technical assistance
We provide 24/7 support or technical assistance in the event of an emergency at the insured site, such as expert advice by telephone and carpentry services.

You have the opportunity to choose the most suitable insurance program - Compensa Home or Compensa Home all-risk-insurance program and supplement it with optional programs.

Fire and natural disasters
Water leakage from engineering communications due to an accident, including frost
Water leakage due to own negligence
Water leakage due to third party negligence
Repair or replacement of defective engineering communications
Unlawful actions of third parties
Damage caused by malicious intent of tenants
Vehicle collision
Expenses associated with temporary housing
Technical assistance insurance
Water leakage from public water supply, sewerage or heating pipes
Glazing breakage and cracking
Aquarium breakage if the home property is insured
Damage due to repairs on neighboring property
House key replacement
Damage due to drafts
Accidental damage caused by homeowners or guests
Any other accident not mentioned in the exceptions

More about Compensa Property insurance

House insurance

Make sure that unexpected natural disaster, a broken water pipe or a thief does not cause significant financial damage to your property.
The insurance also covers ancillary buildings and landscaping elements in your yard, for example, fence, pavement, greenery and fruit trees.
The policy also includes provision of technical assistance - a locksmith will help you deal with a stuck door, while a plumber will help you manage a leak from a water pipe. In addition, the Compensa consultant will be happy to help you find a solution in the event of an accident.

Apartment insurance

When living in an apartment, household troubles can affect not only you but also several of your neighbors. The most common accidents in apartments are related to water leaks causing damage to your own property or property of another, as well as accidents involving fire.
When insuring an apartment on the attic floor, also the roof-related part of the apartment is covered.

Property insurance

In every person’s home there are a lot of necessities and other important items that hold not only a material, but also emotional value. By insuring your property you can protect yourself from losses resulting from various accidents, for example, when a water leak or fire damages your furniture and electrical equipment. Similarly, the losses caused by a thief will cause you a lot less headache.

Civil liability insurance

Compensa every day encounters situations where unintentional damage is done to other people or their property. For example, you can accidently flood your neighbors, knock out a neighbor’s window or run into a pedestrian while riding a bicycle or roller skates, in addition, it may happen to your child as well. In such cases, civil liability insurance policy will protect you from losses you have caused to the property or health of another person. 

  • Homeowner or tenant civil liability is included,
  • General civil liability insurance in all Baltic states,
  • Construction civil liability if you are building or performing repairs that require a building permit,
  • In addition, you may select insurance that is valid also when driving watercrafts, for example, a rowing boat, jet ski, motorboat or motor cutter. You can supplement your policy to cover losses caused by driving watercrafts, for example, a rowing boat, jet ski, motorboat or motor cutter.

Active recreation equipment, bicycle insurance

Are you living an active lifestyle and are always on the move - on your bicycle, wakeboard or skis?

Compensa offers active recreation equipment insurance - bicycle, wakeboard, kiteboard, roller skates, as well as strollers, specialized clothing, hiking, mountaineering, winter gear etc. insurance that is valid in Latvia and will save you from damages caused by a road traffic accident while transporting the gear, theft, robbery, vandalism, fire or natural disaster; when your equipment is on another property;

while cycling in road traffic and colliding with a vehicle or another bicycle;
in case of bicycle theft if the bicycle was locked outdoors or in the stairwell.

The bicycles must be registered with the RDSI - you can easily do it on e-csdd or the mobile app.
You may purchase leisure equipment insurance together with the home insurance.

Family accident insurance

When thinking about our family, we would like to have an additional assurance that we will receive support if one of the household members living in the insured home suffers an accident and lasting bodily injury, for example, in case of a road traffic accident, skiing or snowboarding, suffering an injury at work or while riding a quad bike. The insurance is valid in the territory of the Republic of Latvia and is available when purchasing property insurance.

Holiday home insurance

In addition to insuring your regular home or apartment, we offer holiday home insurance.

Construction work insurance

In addition to home insurance, we offer to insurance losses caused to the property during construction work.

Construction materials on site are also insured (limit EUR 1 000).

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