What are the benefits?

Multifaceted policy
Our home insurance is designed to provide full financial protection, with the insurance policy covering both housing and chattel (household goods), and including civil liability insurance and family accident insurance.
The insurance also covers pets, bicycles, etc.
You can also include your four-legged friends or complement the policy with other valuable additional risks, such as bicycle and scooter insurance, and electronic equipment insurance in the case of overvoltage.
24/7 support and technical assistance
We provide 24/7 support and technical assistance in emergencies where immediate assistance is needed. For example, if you are unable to access your home due to damaged locks, or if there is a sudden water leak from the dishwasher.
Good price
We provide 24/7 support and technical assistance in emergencies where immediate assistance is needed. For example, if you are unable to access your home due to damaged locks, or if there is a sudden water leak from the dishwasher.

You have the opportunity to choose or create the best insurance programme to suit your needs.

Fire and natural disasters
Water leakage from engineering communications due to an accident, including frost
Water leakage due to own negligence
Water leakage due to third party negligence
Repair or replacement of defective engineering communications
Unlawful actions of third parties
Damage caused by malicious intent of tenants
Vehicle collision
Expenses associated with temporary housing
Technical assistance insurance
Water leakage from public water supply, sewerage or heating pipes
Glazing breakage and cracking
Aquarium breakage if the home property is insured
Damage due to repairs on neighboring property
House key replacement
Damage due to drafts
Accidental damage caused by homeowners or guests
Any other accident not mentioned in the exceptions

More about Compensa Property insurance

House insurance

Make sure to protect your home from significant financial losses caused by unexpected natural disasters, water pipe bursts or theft.

Coverage also includes auxiliary buildings, territory improvement and landscaping elements in your yard, such as fence, pavement, greenery and fruit trees.

The policy also includes technical assistance, e.g., a locksmith will fix a stuck door, and a plumber will assist with a water pipe leak. Besides, a Compensa consultant will kindly offer assistance at the time of the accident.

Apartment insurance

Various accidents at the apartment may affect not just you but also your neighbours. The most common accidents at apartments include water leaks and fire incidents that may cause damage to your own property or that of your neighbours.

When insuring an apartment in the attic, the attached roof section is also covered.

Home contents insurance

Every home contains a lot of important items that are not only valuable in a material sense, but also have sentimental value. By insuring your property you will protect yourself from losses that may be caused by different accidents, for example, if your furniture or electrical equipment is damaged by a water leak or fire. Similarly, unexpected losses caused by theft will be less painful.

Civil liability insurance

Compensa frequently deals with situations where unintentional damage is caused to others or the property of others. For example, you may accidentally flood your neighbours, knock out a neighbour’s window, or run somebody over while riding a bicycle or roller skating. Besides, this may also happen to your child. In these situations, civil liability insurance will protect you from damage caused by you to the property or health of others.

Hobby equipment and bicycle insurance

Are you a person with an active lifestyle who is constantly on the move, riding a bicycle or electric scooter, wakeboarding or skiing in winter? Do you enjoy taking photos and videos?

Compensa offers insurance of hobby equipment – bicycle, wakeboard, kiteboard, roller skates, scooter, skis, snowboard, drone, camcorder, camera, as well as baby carriage, specialised clothing, tourism, mountaineering and winter inventory, etc. The insurance covers the whole territory of Latvia and protects against losses that may occur, for example, while transporting equipment, during a traffic accident, or if the equipment is stolen. Hobby equipment insurance can be purchased together with home insurance.

Family accident insurance

As we think about our family members, we wish to have additional insurance protection to be able to receive support in cases where one of the insured home’s family members has an accident and suffers permanent bodily injury, for example, during a traffic accident, while skiing or snowboarding, having suffered an injury at work, or while riding a quad bike. The insurance covers the whole territory of Latvia and it can be purchased together with property insurance.

Holiday home insurance

In addition to residential home or apartment insurance, we also offer holiday home insurance.

Construction work insurance

In addition to home insurance, we offer to insure damage to the property incurred during construction work for which a construction permit is required.

The offer is valid even in the initial stages of construction.

The insurance also covers construction materials (EUR 1,000 limit).

Fire safety rules at home
What is Compensa 24/7 Home Service?

Compensa insurance company offers special support to its customers in the form of a 24/7 home service. This service is available to all Compensa customers who have selected it in their policy.

Compensa Home Service is a 24-hour service, designed to provide urgent support in unexpected situations.

Usually, people only have one home, so when something unexpected happens and the home becomes uninhabitable, it is important to reverse the consequences of the accident as soon as possible to be able to resume life as usual.

Some examples of when Compensa Home Service may prove to be indispensable:

  • Locksmith services – broken key, blocked lock, lost or stolen keys. In situations like these, no one wants to stay behind a closed door, but not everyone has a number to a service provider, and it is not clear how much the service would cost. Compensa Home Service will take care of the problem free of charge.
  • Plumbing services – a plumber can be required in a variety of different situations, such as pipe blockage or rupture, issues with household appliances, unexpected leakage, issues with the riser, etc.
  • Carpenter services – a carpenter may be required in the case of a broken door, broken window frame, broken stair step or railing.
  • Drying and cleaning services are indispensable when your home has been flooded by yourself or your neighbours.
  • Security services can be useful in situations where there is a conflict with the neighbours, or if unwanted tenants are occupying the staircase.
  • Transportation services.
  • Home moving services.
  • Support hotline and counselling service – not all life situations require calling the police or rescue services. So the question arises – where do you look for help? Here, Compensa Home Service acts as a one-stop shop – you can call them and describe your situation, and the responsive Compensa customer service specialists will either send help, or explain in detail whom to call and what steps to take.

Important to remember! This service is available to every person insured by Compensa who has selected it on their home insurance policy (and there is a visible mark on the policy). All services offered by the Home Service are available throughout Latvia around the clock, without holidays. So, if there is an accident at the insured home, the first thing you should do is call Compensa Home Service at the specified number. Assistance will be provided regardless of whether or not the event can be classified as an insured event.

What should you do if there is an accident?
  • If damage has been caused by fire or explosion, call the State Fire and Rescue Service immediately on 112 or 01.
  • If there has been a theft, robbery or an attempted theft or robbery, report it to the State Police immediately on 112 or 02.
  • In the event of an accident or water leakage in the heating or sewerage system, inform the emergency services, building manager or housing administration.
  • Contact Compensa immediately, as soon as possible (but no later than within 3 days after the accident). This can be done by calling us on 8888 or filling in an application.

After an insured event, it is not allowed without the written consent from Compensa:

  • To start repairs or reconstruction of the damaged property beyond what is required to immediately prevent further damage;
  • To acknowledge any liability on behalf of the Insurer or make any promises regarding the payment of damages;
  • It is prohibited to dispose of the insured/damaged property without Compensa’s permission.


What should you do in the case of a property insurance event? (PDF)

How do you get compensated?

Compensa must be informed in writing about the accident and its circumstances immediately after the accident, as soon as possible, but no later than within 3 working days, by filling in the application form available at

Documents to be submitted:

  • Insurance claim application;
  • Receipts, signed deeds, reports, requirements and other documents needed to establish the amount of losses and clarify circumstances.

After receiving the claim application, a Compensa expert will contact you and inform you of the steps to be taken based on the current circumstances and policy terms.

Documents may be submitted in a way that is most convenient for you – i.e., by filing an application on the Compensa website, by sending the documents to, by filling in an application in person at the customer service centre, or by sending the documents by mail. All forms are acceptable. Just remember to act as soon as possible after the insurance event has occurred. In this way, the application will be reviewed and the consequences will be eliminated faster.

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