Seesam critical illness insurance

critical illness insurance
is necessary?

Critical illness insurance is a type of personal insurance that provides for a one-time payment of the insured sum in the insurance contract to the insured person in cases when the insured person is diagnosed with one of the critical illnesses covered in the insurance contract and the insurance contract waiting period has passed so that the insured person can use the paid insurance indemnity for the treatment of a critical illness or for daily expenses.

What are the benefits?

Seesam critical illness insurance provides for the following:
1. Financial support during treatment,
2. Financial protection of family members of the sick person.
An individual critical illness insurance offer is developed for each company.
We develop an individual critical illness insurance offer for each company. Each employer can choose the sum insured and insurance program desired for the company, taking into account the specifics of the company's work and the number of employees to be insured. Employees of any age can be insured.
Financial support without any restrictions and conditions
In the case of a critical illness insurance event, Compensa pays a financial support to the insured person, the survivor or the members of the insured person's family without any restrictions or conditions on how to use this money.

What are the benefits?


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Sums insured

The sum insured can be determined as follows:

  • different for various groups of employees,
  • the same for all employees,
  • individual for each employee.

The critical illness insurance limit can be set between € 500 and € 15,000*. 

*The sums insured are determined taking into account the income of the insured persons.

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