Compensa Vienna Insurance Group ADB Latvijas filiāle

Vienna Insurance Group is one of the traditional European insurance groups with almost 200 years of experience. The company has its roots in Austria, in its arts and cultural capital Vienna. The values of the old European city continue to live in Compensa today – the art of insurance and high culture of customer relations. Vienna Insurance Group is is the sole owner of Compensa.


In Latvia, since 1999 the Austrian company has been represented by Compensa sister company Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group SE offering life and health insurance services. At the end of 2012, the tradition-rich insurance company established a branch in Latvia starting with providing movable and immovable property and third party liability insurance.


Looking back at the past centuries, we can see that the foundation of the stability of the company lies in its ability to change with the times and adapt to the customers’ wishes and needs. Today, in the times of the information technologies, it is hard to imagine how the companies existed when there was no even electricity, how the companies were able to maintain contacts with their customers when the main means of communication was word of mouth.


Vienna Insurance Group and its companies have not forgotten it. Every next era comes with its own experience, and all knowledge is accumulated and transferred to the next generations of employees. Every time the gained experience combined with the newest available technologies allows taking another step to improve the services, availability and quality. Not surprisingly, Vienna Insurance Group has taken the leader's place in the Central and Eastern European insurance markets.