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The Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance (MTPL) is required for all road vehicles that participate in the road traffic, including trailers and mopeds. The policy covers damage you have caused to another vehicle or property, as well as material and non-pecuniary (moral) damages to another person.

What are the benefits?

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What are the benefits?

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Losses covered by MTPL

If you have caused a road traffic accident, Compensa MTPL policy will cover the damages caused to the third-party property and losses caused to a person.


The insurance policy covers the following damage caused to property:

  • Damage of the vehicle (repair costs),
  • Total loss of the vehicle (if repairs are no longer technically possible and/or economically feasible),
  • Evacuation of the vehicle from the scene of the accident,
  • Damage to roads, structures, buildings and the environment.


The insurance policy covers the following damage caused to persons:

  • Transportation, stay, treatment and rehabilitation of the victim at a medical facility,
  • Medical care of the victim,
  • Purchase of medical products,
  • Home treatment and related costs,
  • Prosthetics, purchase of technical aids,
  • Non-pecuniary (moral) damage related to the physical injury, mutilation, death of a provider or dependent, disability.
  • Travel expenses incurred due to a visit to a medical treatment or rehabilitation facility,
  • Tuition fee and other professional education-related reasonable expenses.


Remember! If you have caused a road traffic accident, you will have to pay for the repair of your vehicle yourself. In such cases, the Compensa CASCO policy would be useful. 
Bonus - malus

Bonus-Malus (BM) is the vehicle owner's insurance risk classification used as one of the parameters for calculating the insurance premium. The BM classes are recalculated once every calendar year - on 15 September, and it is centrally performed by the Latvian Motor Insurers’ Bureau (LTAB).


More about the BM system.

MTLP Standard Contract

When you purchase an MTLP policy for your vehicle, you will receive the MTLP standard contract policy valid in Latvia and all European Economic Area (EEA) member states, as well as in the Swiss Confederation, Serbia, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


Remember! When traveling abroad, you must bring a printout of the MTLP standard contract policy.


Learn more about the validity of MTLP contracts in different countries.

Green card

When traveling to Albania, Belarus, Israel, Iran, Morocco, Moldova, Northern Macedonia, Russia, Tunisia, Turkey and Ukraine, you must obtain a Green Card, which you can purchase in person in all our branch offices and at our partners.


Learn more about the validity of MTLP contracts in different countries.

Border insurance Contract

You require a border insurance contract, if your vehicle is registered outside the European Economic Area (for example, in Russia, Belarus, USA etc.) and the driver cannot present an MTLP contract that is valid in the Republic of Latvia.


Learn more about the validity of MTLP contracts in different countries.

Vadītāja un pasažieru nelaimes gadījumu apdrošināšana

Noslēdzot nelaimes gadījumu apdrošināšanas līgumu tiek iekļauti šādi riski:

  • Traumas – atlīdzība gūstot traumu ceļu satiksmes negadījuma rezultātā;
  • Invaliditāte un Sakropļojums – atlīdzība iegūstot invaliditāti vai neatgriezenisku sakropļojumu ceļu satiksmes negadījuma rezultātā;
  • Nāve – atlīdzība, zaudējot dzīvību ceļu satiksmes negadījuma rezultātā.
Palīdzība uz ceļa
Kvalificēta speciālista ierašanās un bojājumu novēršana negadījuma vietā:
  • 24 h konsultācijas, ja noticis negadījums
  • Konsultācijas Saskaņotā paziņojuma aizpildīšanā
  • Motora iedarbināšana ar starta vadiem
  • Degvielas pievešana
  • Riteņa nomaiņa pret rezerves riteni
  • Ceļa apstākļos iespējamie defektu novēršanas darbi
  • Tehniskā palīdzība ārzemēs
  • Transportēšana (evakuācija)
  • Taksometra pakalpojumi (30 km robežās)
Bojātā transportlīdzekļa aizvietošana
Ja transportlīdzekli nav iespējams salabot pēc ceļu satiksmes negadījuma, tiek nodrošināta transportlīdzekļa aizvietošana, laikā, kamēr tiek novērsts apdrošinātā transportlīdzekļa bojājums, kas liedz tam piedalīties ceļu satiksmē.


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